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The honors residential community on the West campus is housed in Casa de Oro and Las Casas. In partnership with ASU Housing, Barrett works to create a supportive environment for all residents. Should you have any additional questions that are not addressed below, please email Sasha Billbe at Sasha.Billbe@asu.edu.  

Am I required to have a Barrett meal plan?

Students residing in Casa de Oro are required to purchase a West meal plan. However, students on the West campus are not required to purchase a Barrett meal plan. Only students at the Tempe campus are required to purchase a Barrett meal plan. Students in Las Casas have access to full kitchens within their apartment-style residence halls and are therefore not required to purchase a meal plan. However, they are more than welcome to do so for convenience.

If I want to cook some of my own food, where are the kitchens located?

The first floor of Casa de Oro features a state-of-the-art community kitchen for resident use, just off of the main lobby area.

The shared houses in Las Casas feature full kitchens.

 Barrett/University Housing Staff

How is the Barrett Residential College community staffed?

There are two professional full-time University Housing staff embedded in the residential communities in which Barrett resides. Community Directors live in the Residential Halls and Neighborhoods to provide 24/7 support to students. Casa de Oro staff can be reached by calling the front desk at 602-543-5648.  Las Casas staff can be reached by calling the front desk at 602-543-2272.

What is the process to becoming a Residential Student Leader?

It is not uncommon for several Barrett students to apply for Community Assistant, Peer Leader, or Ambassador positions because they provide students with necessary leadership and conflict resolution skills that can be further developed in any professional environment. The student hiring selection process for each academic year begins during the spring semester of the previous year (e.g. selection for 2018-2019 will begin in the spring of 2018). There is a comprehensive application process that interested individuals are required to complete, including an in-person interview process. The application process will be advertised by University Housing, as well as through the Barrett West Weekly. Questions should be directed to Sasha Billbe (Sasha.Billbe@asu.edu) or University Housing professional staff.