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Residential Colleges

Residential college communities are where students live with other students from their same academic discipline. These living-learning communities provide a supportive, vibrant environment designed to help students succeed at the university. Barrett students at the West campus live with other honors students enrolled in similar academic majors as their own. The Residential College community structure has proven to help students develop enhanced study skills and engage in university opportunities and experiences that will contribute to the personal and professional growth and development.

First-Year Experience

Barrett West first-year students live within the Barrett hall at Casa de Oro.

Upper Division Experience

Barrett, The Honors College, is the only four-year residential college at Arizona State University. All Barrett students continue to live in the Barrett residential community for their second year. Because of the numerous benefits of living in Barrett, many students choose to live in Barrett housing for their third and fourth years as well. In their second year, Barrett students can choose to remain in Casa de Oro and live with other sophomore students or transition to Las Casas, the upper division housing complex. Students in their third and fourth years live in the Las Casas Residential Hall.

Residential Staff & Student Leaders

Peer Leaders are current Barrett students who engage residents and serve as an academic resource and liaison for students. Mercedes Sauve is the Peer Leader for Casa de Oro. Deepika Naidu is the Peer Leader for Las Casas.

Community Assistants are current Barrett students who plan University Housing specific programs and create a meaningful and reflective experience for residents. There are two Community Assistants at Casa de Oro: Drake Tometich and Matthew Lassman. The Community Assistant for Las Casas is Savannah Farley.

Sasha Billbe, Program Coordinator Senior for Barrett West, is the professional staff academic liaison for all Barrett students living on the West campus.

The Peer Leaders, Community Assistants, and residential staff all comprise the Barrett Residential College; they work collaboratively to create a fun, safe environment for current students. Interested in learning more? Contact Sasha Billbe at 602-543-6118 or