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Recognizing the importance of innovation and imagination, Barrett invites students to explore their artistic passions and curiosities.  By engaging minds, bodies, and senses, Barrett fosters creativity and learning through experiences in and enjoyment of: music, art, movement, and drama.

Signature Events

  • Art Nights
  • Artistic Series
  • DIY Nights
  • Gammage Nights
  • Mic Nights

Student Art Displays


Each Barrett campus features permanent installations of Barrett student artwork, along with two rotating art galleries in the Burning B Cafe and the Barrett Student Center on the Tempe campus. If you are interested in displaying your artwork, please fill out our submission form.

For questions, please email Sarah Wasson at

Upcoming Arts and Creative Expression Events


Have an event idea? Message us and let us know how you can shape events that happen at Barrett. Please email Sarah Wasson at or Sasha Bilbe at