• Burning B Cafe

    Art display

  • Asha Ramakumar

    Student artist Asha Ramakumar

    Year: Sophomore
    Major: Business Law, Women’s Studies

    Artist biography: From Tucson, Arizona, Asha is the Art Review for Lux Creative Review and also a founder of FUSE, an interdisciplinary arts organization at ASU.

  • Student artist Ashley Driscoll

    Year: Junior
    Major: English Linguistics, Spanish Linguistics, and TESOL certificate

    Artist biography: Being from the Northwest, Ashley is constantly inspired by nature. Her ideal day is hiking up a mountain, setting up a hammock, and watercoloring the afternoon away.

  • Crystal Peralta

    Student artist Crystal Peralta

    Year: Senior
    Major: Landscape Architecture

    Artist biography: The involvement with the native flora and fauna led to an artistic outlet of embroidery pieces which depict the desert and personal interests.

  • Nick Elwell

    Nick Elwell

    Year: Junior
    Major: Digital Marketing / Film Minor

    Artist bio: Nick Elwell is a Junior studying Digital Marketing with a minor in Film and Media Production. When not on campus, you can find him at concerts as a DJ and Festival photographer, focusing mainly on Electronic Dance Music events.

  • Student artist Elana Gonzales

    Year: Freshman
    Major: Management w/ Minor in Design Studies

    Artist bio: A painter and muralist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Elana's work typically concentrates on depicting current social, political, and environmental issues in a way that is provocative of debate and, hopefully, a subsequent desire for change.

  • Student artist John Son

    Year: Junior
    Major: Kinesiology w/ Minor in Anthropology

    Artist bio: Drawing has always been a hobby for as long as he can remember. Inspired by Saturday morning cartoons such as Dragonball Z, he wanted to be able to draw a character, and slowly he progressed to wanting to draw real-life people.

Arts & Culture

Whether you're studying music performance or engineering, Barrett has plenty of art opportunities for students seeking to express themselves creatively or share their artwork with others. 

Student Art Displays

Each Barrett campus features permanent installations of Barrett student artwork, along with two rotating art galleries in the Burning B Cafe and the Barrett Student Center at Vista Del Sol on the Tempe campus. If you are interested in displaying your artwork, fill out the online submission form!

University Cultural Initiatives

Additionally, Barrett participates in the university cultural initiatives. We are looking forward to celebrating:

Hispanic Heritage MonthHispanic Heritage Month: September 15 - October 15
Fall Pride WeekFall Pride Week: October 16-20
Native American Heritage MonthNative American Heritage Month: November 1-30
International Education WeekInternational Education Week: November 13-17
Trans Awareness WeekTrans Awareness Week: November 13-20