Barrett Honors College Nontraditional Students (BHCNS)

General Information: 

Formerly BATS, the Barrett Honors College Nontraditional Students (BHCNS) is a student association developed within Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University that recognizes and supports the unique needs and interests of upper division honors college student. This organization provides a forum for peer advice, support and encouragement, a shared resource base, and an opportunity for students to develop a vibrant, interconnected community of Barrett peers. Members of this group have a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills, host events, and assist the honors college with a variety of transfer recruitment efforts and/or programming. 

How To Get Involved: 

Email the president, Tracey Bovee, to get involved!


Tracey Bovee

Ivan Lopez

Public Relations 
Alexa Homewood 



Faculty / Staff Advisors: 
Ellyse Crow, Michelle Hollin & Aliyah Vasquez