Barrett Mentoring Program (BMP)

Mission Statement: 

Providing first-year students with leadership, guidance, and helpful networks to make the transition into college successful. 

General Information: 

The Barrett Mentoring Program (BMP) is an organization founded on building community in Barrett for new students during their first-year experience. BMP pairs upper-class students with first-year students, creating a “family."  Each “family” is organized along similar academic goals (majors) and interests. Mentors act as resources, guides, and supporters as they assist their mentees in getting adjusted to college academics, foster Sun Devil pride by attending ASU and Barrett events, and advise them in navigating many other aspects of college life. 


How To Get Involved: 

Applications are now closed. If you would like to join BMP, please reach out to   and we will give you more information about how to get involved with the program.

This application is used to match you up with your mentor in the fall! Your mentor will reach out to you towards the end of the summer, and we will all officially meet at the Fall Mixer in August .If you have any questions about BMP, the application process, or even just life at Barrett, please don’t hesitate to reach out at 


Tasha Parekh

Vice President
Kevin Goddard

Events Director
Diane Solorio

Finance Director
Shuchi Sharma

Megan Sharifi

Social Media Director
Jacob Benevento

Faculty / Staff Advisors: 
Ellyse Crow