Barrett Mentoring Program (BMP)

Mission Statement: 

Barrett Mentors are one of the many peer resources offered to first year students on the Tempe campus. Every incoming student will be paired with a group of other first year peers and one upper division Barrett student, who will serve as their Barrett Mentor during the year. All first year students can expect a welcome email from their Barrett Mentor in late July, as well as a required introductory mixer during the first week of school. Details will be communicated to students via email.

Providing first-year students with leadership, guidance, and helpful networks to make the transition into college successful.

The purpose of the Barrett Mentoring Program is to:

  • Assist students in their transition to ASU/Barrett
  • Provide a personal and meaningful connection to Barrett that will assist with retention
  • Connect students with a cohort group of students with similar interests and/or backgrounds to provide support during their transition
  • Connect students with a professional staff mentor who can be a source of support and information during their time at Barrett
  • Provide a small, personal experience within the larger college and university community
General Information: 

The vision of Barrett Mentoring Program (BMP) is that each incoming Barrett student has the opportunity to be matched with a trained peer and a small group of fellow mentees dedicated to each of their individual success. The Barrett Mentoring Program is an equitable, inclusive, and relationship-centered mentoring program that delivers outcomes for every student. BMP desires to create more connections for students and add an additional layer of support and awareness of students' needs and challenges.

Mentees can expect:

  • Mentor groups made up of 10-15 other first year Barrett students
  • An intentional and informed Barrett student mentor who is of second year status or higher
  • Monthly meet ups with your mentor group at social outings or relaxed meeting spaces
  • Monthly check-ins with your mentor
  • Information on Barrett programs and resources
  • An email in late July from your Barrett Mentor

Summer Applications for the 2022-23 Barrett Mentor Position Are Open!

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. If you are interested in applying, click the button below:

Apply to be a Barrett Mentor

Mentors can expect:

  • A meaningful connection with Barrett peers
  • 1 credit of HON credit each semester in the program
  • Staff mentor dedicated to helping Barrett Mentors feel supported and successful
  • To host monthly programs/get-togethers with students
  • To send regular newsletters with important college information

Position Description

  • Barrett Mentors will provide direct support to 10-15 Barrett first-year students by providing regular outreach, programming, and college information. This will include:
  • Hosting monthly programs/get-togethers with students
  • Sending monthly newsletters with important college information
  • Checking in with each student individually each month and forwarding any concerns to staff mentor
  • Referring students to campus resources
  • Build community among mentees and assist with the transition to college


  • Current student in Barrett, the Honors College and have completed one full academic year in Barrett (or will have by the start of Fall 2022)
  • A minimum 3.25 GPA
  • Attending monthly meetings with staff mentor
  • Participate in a 1 credit HON class each semester, led by Barrett Staff
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills
  • Flexible, motivated, and engaged

Desired Qualifications

  • Involvement within Barrett, the academic college and/or ASU (Barrett student organizations, ASU student organizations, leadership, USG, Changemaker, Well Devil, CA, etc.)
  • Demonstrated leadership and mentoring skills. 

Barrett Mentor Responsibilities

  • Develop new programs for residential or off campus students
  • Provide marketing for community events
  • Create and maintain a program budget
  • Maintain a professional relationship with students and staff
  • Abide by all university policies.
  • Serve as a mentor and provide academic support to all students in their group
  • Establish and maintain constant communication with their residents through a newsletter, showcasing the events in their community and Barrett
  • Engage in one-on-one and small group interactions with the Barrett community
  • Communicate any student concerns to your staff mentor

Primary Staff Advisor

Ashley Brand