Barrett Residential Council

Mission Statement: 

Barrett Residential Council provides a forum for engagement and participation in the residential community. The council creates spaces for advocacy, create and run events, and provide funds for improvements to serve the residents of Barrett in order to make their residential experience more comfortable, enjoyable, and safe.

General Information: 

Meetings: The Barrett Residential Council convenes weekly to bond with others in the Barrett community, vote on community funds allocations, and organize events for the Barrett complex.

Student Board: Barrett Residential Council has many opportunities for student leadership. All positions are available for students living within the Barrett Complex.

How To Get Involved: 

Positions to be Elected: Vice Presidents (4), Secretary, Treasurer, Social and Environmental Justice Chair, Director of Advocacy, Publicist, Social Media Chair, Spirit Chair (2), Hall Representative (7) 

Elections: There will be two rounds of elections.

First, there will be elections for Vice Presidents. Applications will be sent to all Barrett residents and will be available for 1 week. All applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of the BRC president, the BRC Advisor, and an RHA executive board member. The top 1/5th of applicants will be selected as semi-finalists for the Vice President position. These candidates will be interviewed by the election committee. The top 8 candidates will then be selected as finalists in the election. The top 8 will have a week to campaign to Barrett students, at which point all Barrett students will be sent an online ballot where they can cast their vote for Vice President. The 4 with the most votes will become the new Vice Presidents. 

After Vice Presidents have been elected, elections for executive board positions will take place. Applications will be sent to all Barrett residents, and will be available for 1 week. All applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of the BRC president, the BRC Advisor, and an RHA executive board member. No more than 4 candidates will be selected to run for each position. After candidates are selected, a meeting will be held for elections, at which all Barrett Residents may vote. No campaigning is allowed prior to the meeting. Each candidate will be able to give a short speech. All students present will be able to vote. Immediately after voting for a position, the results will be announced. Students may apply for multiple positions (example: if you applied both for the secretary and the publicist position, you may be selected as a candidate for the secretary position. If you unfortunately lose the vote for the secretary position, you may then run later in the meeting for the publicist position). 

Vice Presidents: The Vice Presidents will serve as representatives of the Barrett community for residential life. Responsibilities will include, but not limited to, putting 2 events each semester, planning and leading meetings, and encouraging a lifestyle which upholds RHA. Vice Presidents will attend RHA General Council Meeting in order to advocate on behalf of the Barrett community. Each Vice-President shall be in charge of no less than two E-Board members. The Vice-Presidents shall be expected to meet with their respective E-Board members at their own discretion, but no less than once a month. Vice Presidents will be compensated with a $1000 stipend each semester. 

Secretary: The duties of the Secretary shall be to take notes during weekly BRC meetings, send out weekly reminder emails of event and meeting updates. The Secretary shall manage and update a roster of regular attendees. This should be the basis for weekly emails. 

Treasurer: The duties of the treasurer shall be to maintain and update the budget, as well as advise on expenditures when appropriate. The treasurer will facilitate and advertise for funds proposals.

Barrett Residential Council
Ella Featherstone
Ella Featherstone

Vice Predisent
Chris Reid

Vice President
Morgan Wendlandt

Vice President
Nabia Kheshtchin-Kamel

Vice President
Ronnie Pedersen

Faculty / Staff Advisors: 
Jaylyn Jones