Barrett Sustainability Club (BSC)

General Information: 

The Barrett Sustainability Club (BSC) is a group of students working to change the world, starting with Barrett, the Honors College. BSC has two main priorities: hosting bi-weekly sustainability-focused events and maintaining the rooftop garden in the Barrett Complex. The club exists to educate students about sustainability while providing a platform for change and accomplishes these goals through initiatives, discussion, outreach, and hands-on experiences.

How To Get Involved: 

BSC is composed of members from a variety of majors, class years, and interests. If you want to make the world more sustainable, we want you! Contact us at, find us on Instagram or check out our Google Calendar to learn about our upcoming events and garden updates!


Barrett Sustainability Club
Lyndsay Hertzig

Vice President
Grace Logan

Director of Finance
Sean Hamkins

Director of Events
Kenzie Tommaney

Director of Gardening and Operations
Tayla Kalman

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Faculty / Staff Advisors: 
Ellyse Crow & Shea Alevy