Page Turners

Mission Statement: 

The purpose of Page Turners is to promote literacy skills through providing a public reading mentoring program for children within the community.

General Information: 

Page Turners is a volunteer-based organization that meets weekly with 1st-4th grade kids at the Tempe Public Library to guide and encourage them as they read to us. We partner up with the kids at a one-to-one ratio, providing a unique mentoring relationship with them as well as the opportunity to make sure their comprehension, pronunciation, confidence, etc. are developing. This club is a fun, simple way to effectively reach out into the community and serve as positive academic and social influences in these bright and adorable kids' lives. The required commitment is extremely low, as we only meet for about an hour each week, but commitment to those meetings is essential in order to ensure that the kids have a mentor each week. There is no prior experience required; you only need to love kids and love reading!

How To Get Involved: 

Stay tuned for the spring information session information. All information will be posted through on our SunDevilSync page.

Page Turners
Annie Johnson

Jessmin Fernandez

Junior President 
Lindsay Koceja 

Sophomore President 
Jeff Li 


Faculty / Staff Advisors: 
Ellyse Crow