Mission Statement: 

To address the healthcare disparities from geographic, linguistic and cultural isolation of the refugee community. We will achieve this by Understanding the needs of the community, Engaging the community directly, Educating through the use of culturally appropriate materials, and providing access to supplemental Patient Care.

General Information: 

REACT is a student-led partnership between the Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine and Arizona State University working to address the healthcare disparities of refugee communities around Maricopa County. REACT currently conducts educational outreach activities on topics such as hygiene, nutrition, dental health, exercise, and diabetes within the communities themselves, while also laying the groundwork for a student-run primary care facility. We are a group of motivated and driven students looking to make a lasting impact in the community while learning from each other and the community that we serve.

How To Get Involved: 

Contact us via our website ( or reach out via email (

Rujuta Takalkar

George Bcharah

Clinical Branch Leader
John Luce

Sustainability Branch Leader
Olivia Jackman

Education/Outreach Branch Leader
Jonathan Sayegh

Operations Branch Leader
Maxwell Seifer

Social Media Officer
Van Dexter Calo


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