Barrett Mentoring Program

General Information: 

Beginning college is challenging transition, and having a mentor can be key to helping new students succeed. The Barrett Mentoring Program pairs incoming freshmyn with current students to help new students ease the transition to university life, learn about campus resources, and become familiar with the Barrett community.  

The BMP Chairs and Mentors offer informal advice, plan special events open to the entire college, and provide a warm welcome to the campus.

Fall 2015 Barrett Mentors 

Hayley Anderson
Junior studying Psychology
Hometown: Durango, Colorado

Carissa Cunningham
Junior studying Political Science.
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona.

Mckenna Daniel
Sophomore studying Psychology.
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona.

Savannah Farley
Junior studying Life Sciences.
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona.

Miriam Goldman
Sophomore studying Psychology and Statistics.
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri.

Adam Goldsmith
Senior studying Applied Computing.
Hometown: Syosset, New York.

Ilyssa Goldsmith
Sophomore studying Communication.
Hometown: Syosset, New York.

Arielle Herguth
Junior studying Forensics.
Hometown: Plainedge, New York.

Brianna Mouton
Sophomore studying Psychology.
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona.

Gabrielle Paduano
Sophomore studying Life Sciences (Environmental Sciences).
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona.

Natalia Stifano
Sophomore studying Psychology.
Hometown: Bethel, Connecticut.

Mercedes Sauvé
Junior studying Psychology.
Hometown: Jericho, Vermont.

Alex Swartz
Senior studying Communication.
Hometown: Simi Valley, California.

Drake Tometich
Sophomore studying Political Science.
Hometown: Tempe, Arizona.

Barrett Mentoring for Incoming Freshmyn:

Barrett Mentors are available to help freshmyn get involved in the Barrett community on the West campus. Mentors organize unique events that allow freshmyn to connect with other Barrett scholars while relaxing from their studies. Mentors are also available to offer advice about Barrett student organizations, residential life, classes, events, and their own majors.  Freshmyn are encouraged to read through the profiles and connect with a Barrett Mentor: or

How To Get Involved: 

All freshmyn are encouraged to participate in the BMP program and events. Prospective Mentors must complete an application and training process. For more information, contact Liz Marini, Barrett Mentoring Program Advisor.

Preston Adcock