Wellness impacts all aspects of a person's life, and Barrett provides programming intended to help our community learn to take proactive steps to create a culture of care and wellbeing. Barrett helps students integrate wellness into their everyday lives by providing high quality, holistic engagement in the following areas: academic, community, emotional, environmental, physical, professional, and spiritual wellness. Our initiatives are designed to help all Barrett students develop health related skills, coping strategies, and behaviors that will aid them both in their time at ASU as well as post-graduation.

ASU Wellness Programs

Wellness - Center: Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience

The Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience provides mindfulness events and resources for both ASU students and the larger community.

Wellness - ASU Counseling

ASU’s Counseling Services offers confidential and professional counseling and crisis services for ASU students.

Wellness - ASU Wellness

ASU Wellness provides a variety of services, including fitness, health services, nutrition, mindfulness, and stress management.

Barrett Wellness Programs


Community and Environmental Wellness
This outcome recognizes that wellness is not always an individual act. In fact, the wellness of a community is incredibly interrelated, and we all play a role. 

Physical Wellness
This outcome is likely the one most people think about when they hear wellness. Taking care of our bodies is one of the first steps to supporting other forms of wellness.   


Upcoming Wellness Events

Aug 20 2022 - 8:00am
Camp Pine Summit