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The academic and personal growth and success of our students is our top priority. As a result, the Barrett Student Services Deans and staff are available to assist students with a wide range of issues and concerns that might arise during their time in Barrett at ASU. The Barrett Student Services Deans and staff understand the unique experiences of each student and are available by appointment to serve as a sounding board, help students consider their options, and help connect students to the right set of resources in the honors college and at ASU.   We are available during the day for both challenging and non-emergency situations, as well as urgent, same-day appointments.

Students may visit our offices for a wide variety of reasons which may include: academic and financial challenges, mental or physical health concerns, family concerns including illness or loss of a loved one; concerns about a peer in the community; experience of an incident, or the need to connect to other University Support offices such as Disability Support Services, Student Rights and Responsibilities, Counseling and Consultation, Student Advocacy or other partners on campus.  We are here for anytime a student is struggling and not sure of their options.

While much of our work is with individual students, we also engage in education and outreach to students, staff, & faculty on topics related to helping students in distress. In doing so, we seek to educate others in the community on the ways in which a student may experience various challenges and crises and how best to support them.  We provide student engagement programming, outreach, and initiatives on all four campuses aimed at supporting the needs of all students. Such programming includes strategies for managing stress and wellness and ways to get involved in the community or connected to broader networks. 

For more information or to request support for a student, please feel free to contact us with the information to the right. We have also provided more resources on the accordion buttons below.

Emergency Contacts and Resources/ EOSS Partners and Contacts

Emergency Contacts and Resources/ EOSS Partners and Contacts

Assistance is always available for student emergencies and urgent or crisis situations, including overnight, on the weekend, and during academic vacations.  We have provided a quick reference directory of information below we hope you find helpful.

  • Urgent or Crises Situations
    • During Business Hours:
      • ASU Police: 480-965-3456
      • ASU Housing and Residence Life: 480-965-3515
      • Barrett Assistant Dean of Students: 480-965-2836
    • After Business Hours
      • ASU Police: 480-965-3456
      • Counseling Services Crisis hotline: 480-921-1006
  • Police/Fire/Medical Emergencies –for students and others on the ASU campus
    • For emergencies calling from campus: 911 (will connect to ASU PD)
    • From off campus: 480-956-3456
  • Family and Student Emergencies
  • Academic Emergencies
    • Barrett Assistant Dean of Students: 480-365-2836
  • Medical Advice (Health Services): 480-965-3346
  • Mental Health Emergencies
    • Counseling Services Crisis hotline: 480-921-1006
    • ASU Counseling Services
      • Downtown: 602-496-1155
      • Polytechnic: 480-727-1255
      • Tempe: 480-965-6146
      • West: 602-543-8125
  • Information about weather-related or other campus emergencies
  • Tips and Rumor Hotline to report a crime or information: 877-Sun-DEVL

Parent Support

Parent Support

Families, Parents and Guardians

Welcome from the Deans and staff at Barrett Student Support Services

Barrett Student Services staff bring a wide and diverse range of experience and expertise to help address the needs and challenges faced by our students. We are committed to supporting students through any aspect of their university life here that may impact academic performance, including but not limited to evolving interests and goals, cultural adjustment, personal or interpersonal difficulties, medical/psychological illnesses, financial challenges, family concerns and/or difficulty communicating with faculty and staff. Such services are provided in tandem with ASU offices with relevant expertise like Counseling Services or ASU Financial Aid.

College is a time of immense change that can bring about both exciting challenges as well as unexpected difficulties. We understand that there will be times when you are the first to become aware of your student’s struggles. Please know that you can direct your student to us for help and support. If at any time your student could also benefit from connecting to other offices on campus, we will help them navigate the vast ASU resources to get all of the help that they need while they are here.

Services We Provide

  • Support and assistance for a variety of student concerns and issues. This includes serving as a sounding board to help students explore their options during difficult moments and to find a path forward. 
  • Help with navigating resources on campus, including but not limited to housing, scholarships, health and wellness, counseling and consultation, disability accommodations, interpersonal conflict and academic questions and support.
  • Work with the colleges and EOSS staff to shepherd the medical leave and return process.    

Wellness Programming and Initiatives

Wellness Programming and Initiatives

Barrett offers a variety of wellness initiatives across all four of our campuses.  Programming includes lunch with nutritionists, mindfulness training programs, drop-in counseling hours, and a variety of other initiatives aimed at helping students to maintain their health, both physically and mentally.  For more information on our wellness programs, visit our wellness page and our events calendar


Dr. Dawn Rendell
Assistant Dean of Students,


Amy Sever
Director-Staff Operations,


Dr. Kira Gatewood
Director-Staff Operations,


Hannah Syfritt
Academic Advisor