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Barrett offers students “the best of both worlds”; a caring, supportive 4-year residential community for academically motivated undergraduate students surrounded by a highly ranked Research I university with broad resources. Since its inception in 1988, Barrett has grown into a pride point and added-value center of ASU. Barrett has helped elevate academic standards for the entire university by attracting and admitting the best and brightest, including National Merit Scholars. Barrett students routinely win nationally and internationally competed for scholarships. Barrett students uphold a reputation of excellence; many of them are student community leaders, inventors, change makers, and entrepreneurs.

Along with ASU, Barrett is on a journey with a clear destination: through Campaign ASU 2020, we will become a public university of impact for our students, our state, and our future. Everything is in place for ASU believers and supporters to power a once-in-a-generation leap forward. Together we will ensure access for all deserving students. We will build the strength of our faculty as we foster discovery, creativity, and innovation across disciplines. We will use ASU talents and resources to be a force for social progress and economic growth. And we will drive Sun Devil competitiveness on and off the court and field. The reimagined, reenergized, rebuilt, remarkable future of ASU begins here and now. Join us.

In this campaign we will focus on student scholarships, global citizenship, faculty support, and building an honors student success center.

Student Scholarship: Barrett students are currently supported by 25 different donor-funded scholarships and grant funds. Many of these are not endowed, meaning that students may not be able to count on that support for more than one year. Barrett aspires to expand funding for low-income students for traditional scholarships as well as research and study-abroad grants. Through Campaign ASU 2020, we will raise funds to increase the total number of scholarships and grants for these purposes, establishing an increased level of support for our students.

Global Citizenship: Preparing our student leaders to be effective global citizens is imperative for pioneering new frontiers of knowledge and inventing solutions to global challenges. At Barrett, we want to take the best students in the world and prepare them to lead the world. Campaign support will allow us to expand access to educational travel and internships that expose students to new cultures and languages as well as to new environments and ecosystems.

Faculty Support: Barrett has experienced a six-fold growth in faculty since its founding. The College currently has 42 full-time faculty fellows dedicated to honors and works with another 1,800 faculty members across the university, offering our students a better than 4:1 student-faculty ratio. First, we seek to increase the amount of professional development funds available to honors faculty—a move that will ensure they stay at the leading edge of their disciplines. Second, a campaign investment can help establish a visiting honors faculty program for professors from within ASU as well as outside the institution. 

Honors Student Success Center: The campaign presents a unique opportunity for Barrett to dream big: we envision creating an Honors Student Success Center on the Tempe campus. This first-of-its-kind-in-the-nation honors college facility would bring together all the services that help our students excel: professional and career advising, internships, academic advising, the writing center, and the national scholarship office. The Honors Student Success Center would serve as a showcase for the best-of-the-best students and faculty at ASU and ensure that the college remains the “gold standard” in the top learning environment of tomorrow.


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