Defense and Thesis Approval

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Defense Calendar

Thesis/Creative Project defenses are open to the ASU community. Attending a defense is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of fellow Barrett students and to observe the defense process firsthand. Browse the postings on the calendar to see upcoming open defense dates. 

Honors Defense and Thesis Approval Form

Once your defense is scheduled, your next step is to fill out the Honors Defense and Thesis Approval Form. Once submitted, your thesis Director will automatically be emailed an approval link on the date of your defense.

Thesis Director Approval

Following the defense and outcome, your Director will report approval using the Final Thesis Approval link that is emailed to them on the date of your defense.

Digital Submission

Following the defense and Thesis Director Approval, your next step is to upload your approved final thesis to the Barrett Digital Collection. This upload will include:

1)    A brief summary of your project

2)    A PDF of your final approved written thesis saved as LastName_Semester_Year (Ex: Schultz_Spring_2022)

3)    If applicable, additional files or creative components (photos, videos, etc.)

Group projects: Each Barrett student is required to upload a digital submission. Consult with your group members to ensure you each have the same title, summary, and documentation. The project will be published once it is manually reviewed for submission accuracy and embargo conditions after the end of the term.

*Embargo option: An embargo delays the release of a thesis/creative project to protect information of commercial value, patentable rights, pending publication or sensitive information.

Formatting and Style: Use a style manual in your discipline for correct form of footnotes, bibliographies, tables of contents, title pages, and more. Consult your thesis/creative project director for best practices.