The prospectus is submitted at the beginning of the Thesis/Creative Project. 

Submit your prospectus online

Your submission must include:

Group projects: Each student is required to submit an individual prospectus. 

Any changes to the committee members should be reported to Barrett Advising.

Before prospectus submission, be sure to:

  • Review Thesis/Creative Project Committee Structure guidelines. 
  • Meet with both your Director and Second Committee Member to discuss your topic, project goals, and grading criteria.
  • Determine your schedule for the two semesters of Thesis/Creative Project work and agree upon regular meeting times. 
  • Discuss anticipated expenses with the committee and begin Thesis Reimbursement Funding
  • Start the IRB approval process, if appropriate.

The Institutional Review Board

All research activities involving the use of human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the IRB before data collection can begin. Investigators may not solicit subject participation or begin data collection until they have received written approval from the IRB.  Please discuss the need for IRB approval with the Director and read about the process online