Final Thesis Submission

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Formatting and Style: Use a style manual in your discipline for correct form of footnotes, bibliographies, tables of contents, title pages, and more. Consult your thesis/creative project director for best practices.

STEP 1: Digital Submission

Upload your thesis/creative project

A confirmation email will generate upon submission, and a printed copy is required for submission in Step 2. This upload is required to include:

1. Abstract

2. PDF version of final thesis. (no Word or Zip files). Name file: Last Name_First Initial_Semester_Year (ex. Anderson_A_Spring_2016).

3. Upload additional documents or components (photos, videos, etc.) separately.

The project will be published once it is manually reviewed for submission accuracy and embargo conditions after the end of the term.

*Embargo option: Delays the release of thesis/creative project for a maximum of two years to protect information of commercial value, patentable rights, pending publication or sensitive information.

 STEP 2: Signature Title Page Submission In addition to the digital submission, Barrett Advising needs confirmation from your thesis director that your final project was approved by your thesis committee. Please use one of these options:  

  • Your thesis Director should email indicating that your defense has been held and your thesis is approved by your committee. For Spring 2020, this will be accepted in lieu of a Signature Title Page.  

  • As an alternate, if a student has a signed copy of the Signature Title Page, it may be emailed to BarrettAdvising@asu.eduDigital signatures will be accepted 

*For group projects, only one digital submission is required with all group members listed as co-authors. Each group member will need to submit a signature title page, abstract, and repository confirmation email in-person to Barrett advising.