Leadership Statement on Racial Justice

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The students, faculty and staff of Barrett, The Honors College completely subscribe to President Michael Crow’s call to all members of the ASU community to engage in the process of new ideas, new designs and new initiatives to ensure that the United States Constitution’s directive of equal justice to all in our society is recognized and brought to reality.

Read President Crow's Statement

Members of the Barrett community have proposed changes in the following areas that will bring more Black students to Barrett and ASU, fully support them, and more thoroughly educate all honors students about race and racial injustice:

  • Increase recruiting of Black faculty and staff
  • Increase recruiting and admission of Black first year and transfer students
  • Establish an ombudsman for issues of racial injustice at Barrett
  • Establish more scholarships available to underrepresented minority students
  • Build on the already diverse readings in The Human Event, including works by Black and African-American authors
  • Develop more student programming in support of racial justice and cultural competency

Read Barrett Steps taken to date in our areas of commitment

As we continue to work on these solutions, and strive to advance in other areas of action, we seek input from students, faculty and staff from the honors community. We encourage your participation by either (a) volunteering to be a member of working groups associated with these goals or (b) sending in your suggestions for improvement in these, or other related, areas at Barrett. The address for suggestions is https://barretthonors.asu.edu/racial-injustice-concern-form.