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First-year student

Enrolling as a new first-year student at ASU? Follow the steps below to apply to join Barrett.

Admissions overview

High school seniors apply for Barrett Lower Division consideration. Lower Division is a four-year honors college experience that integrates into any undergraduate degree program across ASU’s four metropolitan Phoenix campuses - Downtown, Polytechnic, Tempe, and West. Students who took time off after high school, did not attend another college or university, and are entering ASU for the first time, are also eligible for Barrett Lower Division enrollment.

Barrett Online

High school seniors considering ASU Online should review the admissions information for Barrett Online.


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Visit Barrett

Before starting the Barrett admissions process, prospective students are encouraged to explore the honors college website to familiarize themselves with our residential experience, curriculum, graduation requirements, and more.

ASU and Barrett offer a variety of information sessions, tours, and other visit experiences - both virtual and in-person - to help students discover whether the honors college experience is a good fit for their goals and interests.

In-person visit  Virtual visit

When to apply

The final Barrett Lower Division application deadline for fall 2023 was Sunday, April 2.

Depending on your ASU campus, space in the Barrett Honors College class of 2027 may still be available. Please contact the appropriate Barrett admissions representative with questions regarding the potential for, and stipulations associated with, a late honors college application:

Complete application

Prospective students should be mindful of deadlines and work to ensure that a complete Barrett application is on file by the appropriate date. A Barrett application is complete when:

  • The Barrett application has been submitted, not just saved.
  • Both letters of recommendation have been received by Barrett.
  • The student has been admitted to an Arizona State University undergraduate degree program at the ASU Downtown, Polytechnic, Tempe, or West campus.*

*Though a Barrett application may be started and even submitted before ASU admission is conferred, it cannot go to evaluation until university acceptance is formally awarded. Apply to ASU accordingly.

How to apply

Step 1

Apply to ASU first

Students interested in Barrett must first apply to Arizona State University and then may begin the separate and free Barrett application.

Prospective students should apply to ASU at least 4 - 6 weeks before the Barrett deadline to which they are applying.

When completing the ASU application, self-reporting grades will result in a significantly faster university decision. The Common Application is another option to apply to ASU.

ASU Application  Common Application

Step 2

Activate your ASURITE ID

When you apply for ASU admission, you are issued an ASURITE ID. You must activate your ASURITE ID, which includes identifying a password. The ASURITE ID and password are required to begin the free Barrett application.

ASURITE activation

Step 3

Apply to Barrett

Prospective students may apply only once to Barrett for any given semester.

The Barrett application does not need to be completed in one sitting. A student may start, save their work, exit, and then return at a later date to finish and submit the application ahead of the appropriate deadline. After starting the application, a student may re-access it via the “Apply now” button.

The final Barrett Lower Division application deadline for fall 2023 was Sunday, April 2. The application for 2024 will open in early September.

Step 4

Letters of recommendation

Students are required to have two letters of recommendation as part of their Barrett application. The letters of recommendation must be in English. At least one of the recommendations must be academic in nature, written by a high school teacher or university professor who instructed the student in a class. The second letter may also be academic, or it may be from a guidance counselor, academic or club advisor, coach, supervisor at a place of employment, etc.

Barrett will not receive and cannot access letters submitted via Naviance, to the central ASU Admission Services office, or via the Common App. Prospective students must use the Barrett application to identify and then send notification emails to their two recommenders. These messages will contain directions for how to upload a letter directly to a student’s Barrett application.

On the Barrett application, each student is given the option to waive the right to view their letters of recommendation. This means the applicant will not be able to see the recommendations submitted on their behalf. Choosing to waive or not waive will have no impact on how the Barrett admissions committee reviews the application.

Many recommenders prefer - or may even require - the ability to submit a confidential recommendation letter. We encourage each student to have a clear understanding of their recommender’s expectations in this regard. The decision to waive or not waive the right to view a letter is shared with each recommender.

Step 5


Incoming first-year students will upload their unofficial high school transcript to their Barrett application. An unofficial transcript is a copy of a transcript that has been in the possession of the student. No official transcripts should be sent to the honors college unless specifically requested by a Barrett admissions officer. Unsolicited official transcripts will not be opened and will be immediately forwarded to the central ASU Admission Services office. (An official transcript is an original document directly submitted by an authorized staff member or department of a high school, college, or university; e.g. the Registrar.)

Step 6

Test scores

Barrett will continue to be ACT and SAT “test blind” for spring 2024 and fall 2024. To be clear, this means Barrett will not consider ACT or SAT scores for 2024 honors college applications even for students who may wish to submit exam results. As ACT and SAT scores can have a positive impact on the ASU merit scholarship process, we do encourage prospective students to provide their results to the university.

Barrett also does not consider SAT Subject Tests in our admissions process (which were permanently discontinued in 2021). Students will, however, be asked to share their Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) test results on the Barrett application, as well as indicate instances where test-sitting cancellations impacted their plans to complete an AP or IB examination.

Step 7

Application essays

The 2024 Barrett application essay directions and prompts will be released by July 1, 2023.

Step 8

Creative supplement (optional)

Each applicant may submit a single creative supplement - though multiple items may be included within - of no more than 5 pages in length. The document must be in Microsoft Word or PDF format and include the following:

  • The student’s full name and 10-digit ASU ID number clearly presented at the top of page 1.
  • A brief description of what is being submitted.
  • A concise explanation of how the applicant feels the creative supplement enhances their application materials. In short, why is it important for the Barrett admissions committee to consider?

A creative supplement may be uploaded to the Essays page of the Barrett application.

Barrett cannot accept mp3 files. Should a student wish to submit an audio or audiovisual recording, the file must be uploaded to a website, such as YouTube, with the link to the piece then provided in the creative supplement document.

Apply to Barrett


National scholars

Due to the unique nature of their awards, National Merit Semifinalists/Finalists and College Board Recognition Program recipients receive an expedited review of their Barrett application. These candidates should be sure to include their scholarship as an entry on the Beyond the Classroom page of their application, and they can then expect a decision in approximately three weeks from the time their file is complete. The fall 2023 Barrett application deadline for national scholars is May 1, 2023.


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