Barrett works with all of the schools and colleges at ASU to identify and match students with research opportunities. As early as the first year in Barrett, students are able to secure undergraduate research opportunities in multiple fields of study.

For those students seeking a research position, we encourage you to take advantage of the following resources:

  • Read the most current research positions messaged over the Honors-L listserv and posted below.
  • Talk to other students within Barrett to learn what opportunities they have obtained during their Honors experience, and attend various information sessions hosted by Barrett and your respective college.
  • Speak with your Honors advisor about earning Honors credit for your research experiences.  
  • Meet with your Faculty Honors Advisor in your major to explore opportunities

Research Funding

Barrett has funds available to support research and research-related activities. Up to $750 is available to support work on the Barrett honors thesis or creative project. In addition, students can receive up to $750 for other research or creative activities including travel to a national, professional meeting to present research and creative work. Thesis and Creative Project Funding is handled separately from Research Funding.

Bidstrup Undergraduate Fellows

Through the Bidstrup Undergraduate Fellows Program, students and faculty may partner to apply for research funding. Any Barrett student with financial need, who is engaging in research or creative work with a faculty member at ASU, may apply with that faculty person for funding to conduct work under his or her direction. The program is designed to help students who both want to carry out scholarly work under the tutelage of a faculty member and are required to earn money to address their financial need (such need is measured by whether the student is eligible to receive financial aid, which is separate from merit aid). All funding is for hourly work. None is available for equipment, supplies, or travel.

To be eligible, the application team must include a student in good standing within Barrett and an ASU faculty person with whom the student will work on research. Selected Bidstrup Undergraduate Fellows must supply a brief project report and may be asked to publicly present their project/research. Please contact for more information.

Mayo Clinic Special Research Student Appointment

The Mayo Clinic Special Research Student appointment is intended to provide a meaningful research experience to students considering a career in biomedical research and to expose them to the educational opportunities at Mayo for prospective candidates to the biomedical sciences Ph.D. and M.D.-Ph.D. programs. This appointment will offer ongoing research opportunities for independent study course credit to students considering a career in biomedical research. Mayo Clinic investigators will also obtain first-hand knowledge about potential Mayo Graduate School candidates before they apply.

Barrett Fellows @ CLAS Centers

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Barrett, The Honors College offer an exciting program -- Barrett Fellows @ CLAS Centers – for Barrett students to do research and community outreach with ASU faculty. Barrett students who have completed their first year and wish to engage in research and community outreach through the activities of one of the CLAS research centers/institutes may apply for an unpaid, semester-long or year-long fellowship. 

ASU Faculty

ASU faculty can promote research opportunities to Barrett Honors College students. Once the position is approved, it will be promoted to Barrett students through the honors list serve and on social media.

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