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Global initiatives and study abroad

Distinguished Global Leader Series

The Distinguished Global Leader Series is a Barrett initiative which focuses on bringing global leaders to campus for short-term engagements and long-term in-residence commitments. Visiting global leaders share their knowledge and experience with Barrett students by participating in small and large group events, including keynote lectures, roundtable discussions, and coffee and conversations. The program also has expanded by offering virtual events and inviting individuals to teach accelerated courses.

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Elisabeth Rehn
Defense Minister of Finland (1990-1995)

Condoleezza Rice
US National Security Advisor (2001-2005)
US Secretary of State (2005-2009)


Anson Chan
Chief Secretary of Hong Kong (1993-2001)

Carlos Gianelli
Uruguayan Ambassador to the US (2015 - present)

Dan Quayle
US Vice President (1989-1993)

Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga
President of Latvia (1999-2007)


Simon Adams
Executive Director-Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect

F.W. de Klerk
President of South Africa (1989-1994)

Louise Frechette
United Nations Deputy Secretary-General (1997-2006)

Guillaume Long
Minister of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador (2016-2016)
Foreign Minister of Ecuador (2016-2017)


Jose Ramos-Horta
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (1996)
President of the Republic of Timor-Leete (2017-2012)

PJ Patterson
Prime Minister of Jamaica (1992-2006)


Mohamed ElBaradei
Director of International Atomic Energy Agency (1997-2009)
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (2005)
Interim Vice President of Egypt (2013)


Lawrence Gonzi
Former Prime Minister of Malta (2004-2013)


Amanda Ellis
Deputy Secretary-International Development and Head of New Zealand Aid (2010-2013); New Zealand Head of Mission and Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva (2013-2016)

Benjamin Freakley
Lieutenant General, U.S. Army (Ret)

Michael Polt
US Ambassador to Serbia and Montenegro (2004-2006); US Ambassador to Serbia (2006-2007); US Ambassador to Estonia (2009-2012)


Rangina Hamidi
2024 Honoree of the O'Connor Justice Prize 
Former Minister of Education Afghanistan (until 2021)


GlobalResolve, an international service learning program at Barrett, started in 2006 as a social entrepreneurship program designed to enhance the educational experience for ASU students by involving them in real-world projects that positively impact communities with need around the world.

Today, our student project teams, led by ASU mentors in collaboration with community partners in Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean, develop projects to address local challenges related to climate change, community health, and business and human rights.

GlobalResolve has three main objectives:


  1. Expose Barrett students to life-changing and culturally immersive experiences that make a positive impact in the world
  2. Design people-centered solutions and build mutual understanding
  3. Empower grassroots communities with solutions and skills that increase community resilience

As part of their projects, Barrett students work with international universities, residents of rural villages, local governments, financial institutions, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), to find solutions to the most pressing issues identified by key stakeholders in the partner community.

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Study Abroad

Barrett highly encourages its students to enhance their educational experience by traveling abroad, including traditional study abroad programs and semester exchanges. Combining travel with study expands each student’s global perspective and provides a multitude of opportunities to grow as an individual and scholar while seeing the world.

Our goal is to make all of our students embody the values of global citizenship that a holistic education represents. Students who have completed study-travel programs return with a meaningful educational experience and one they will remember for the rest of their lives.

For traditional study abroad programs, Barrett offers two options each year: Global Intensive Experiences and summer travel programs.

  • Global Intensive Experiences typically last 7-10 days, have program fees around $3,000 and allow students to earn up to three honors credits
  • Summer travel programs last approximately 3-4 weeks, with program fees around $7,000, and students can earn up to six honors credits
All of Barrett’s programs are led by experienced faculty and staff and uphold Barrett Community Standards. Students can expect a high-quality academic experience on our travel programs while they access a variety of cultural experiences during their time in-country.
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Global Honors Flex

Global Honors Flex is an immersive experience that allows Barrett students to take honors courses while living in an honors community abroad. In Spring 2024, the program will be designed for Barrett first-year students in their spring semester, who will earn 15 honors credits while studying and living in Berlin, Germany. By the end of Global Honors Flex, you will complete half of your honors curriculum requirements in your first year at Barrett.

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