Close-up of student wearing a lab coat, working in a lab


Work with a professor on a research project.

What is research?

Research provides students the opportunity to work alongside faculty members on a project. Students learn and develop skills such as, but not limited to: critical thinking, data collection and analysis of information from different sources. Barrett, The Honors College works with all schools and colleges at ASU to identify and match students as early as their first year with research opportunities in multiple fields of study. Additionally, students can earn honors credit for their research experiences.

Research opportunities

Students participate in research opportunities with faculty from around ASU in the Barrett College Fellows Program, a program co-directed by The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Barrett, The Honors College.

Opportunities for Barrett Students

Barrett students are encouraged to engage in research and faculty mentorship during their honors academic experience. Learn more about the opportunities below by visiting the program pages on the Current Barrett Student Site.

For more information


Prospective students looking to learn more about these opportunities should contact Barrett Advising at


ASU faculty can promote research opportunities to Barrett Honors College by emailing information to Jennifer Jackman.