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Dear Barrett Alumni,

My name is Claire Williams and I am a 2013 Barrett graduate. I have the pleasure of working with the strong, vibrant community of Barrett alumni and friends around the country. We continually strive to build and strengthen our honors alumni network. This can only be done through the feedback, engagement, and advocacy of our alumni and friends! From providing internships to students and job opportunities to fellow alums to participating in Barrett events locally or regionally to connecting with us on social media, there is no limit on the number of ways you can engage with the honors college.  

We are continuing to expand our community and the resources we provide to it, so please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or feedback you have, resources you would like to see Barrett provide, or accomplishments you would like to share with the honors community.  

Thank you and I look forward to working with each and every one of you!

Claire Williams ‘13
Community Outreach Specialist
Barrett, the Honors College at ASU

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