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As an alum of Barrett, The Honors College, we understand that you are dedicated to serving and caring for others and we want to support you.  By connecting with the College and our more than 8,000 alumni worldwide, there are limitless possibilities in what you can achieve. 

We invite you to reconnect with the college and explore all the ways to stay engaged.  ASU and Barrett, Honors College strive to offer alumni resources and services to support you and your professional needs.  We look forward to connecting with you!

As Barrett alums, we value you and want you to stay connected.  There are many ways we can continue to support you and your success as a professional in your career

Update your information

Never miss a big announcement from Barrett, the Honors College or upcoming alumni events in your area. Let us know the best way to reach you — and when your address or other details change — so we can keep you in the loop about all things Barrett.

Giving back to Barrett

Alumni play an integral role in determining the future and continued development of Barrett. Throughout ASU’s history, the spirit and generosity of alumni have reflected the strong belief in higher education’s contributions to our economy, our communities, and our society.  Campaign ASU 2020 offers an opportunity for alumni, parents, and friends to make sure the best and the brightest students come to ASU and thrive.  Think back to what made a difference during your time at the university.  Was it a privately-funded scholarship?  A life-changing study abroad experience?  A faculty mentor?  Barrett needs your support and a gift of any amount will help ASU create a richer, more vibrant community of discovery and learning for the nation’s most promising students. 

Mentor a student

Connect with Barrett and ASU students through the ASU Alumni Association’s mentoring program. Facilitate academic success, career discovery, relationship-building, and personal and professional development for undergraduate and graduate business students. Learn how your involvement can help our future leaders hit the ground running.

Nominate an alum

Barrett alumni continually strive to improve the communities around them. Whether on the global, national, or local level, honors alumni work to address the pressing issues of today and tomorrow. Each year, in mid-April and during our Celebrating Honors festivities, we recognize and honor our Barrett alumni. We encourage you to nominate the outstanding Barrett alum in your life.

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The Barrett Alumni Newsletter and the Barrett Family Newsletter are intended to provide our honors college family with the dates of upcoming events, networking and employment opportunities, and other important information from the honors college and the university.